TJP Helps Death Row Inmate Awaiting Appeal

Jan 31st, 2013 | By | Category: Families Speak Out, Harris County

Dear Texas Jail Project,
I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate what you
have done for a friend of mine who is currently in Houston county
jail awaiting death penalty re-hearing.
I contacted your organization on Aug. 30th of 2012 about my pen-pal
friend, RR, who is disabled (legally blind in one eye and totally
blind in the other).  He had just been transferred from Polunsky and
was without any of his visual aids (audio player and books), and in
desperate need of new glasses.  Your response was immediate and
helpful.  I was able to contact the prison doctor who saw my friend
within a week.  This got the ball rolling.
Although RR just (January 2013) got some necessary aids (his audio
books but no player, and a magnifier), I’m sure that this is due to
the bureaucracy of the transactions and certainly not because you
guys didn’t do everything you could.  The prison, nor my friend, have
yet to be contacted by the local ADA, but I am so encouraged that
finally something is being done to help him.  Because of his
disability, he did not even have minimal humane abilities of being
able to read letters from the outside or books to pass the time and
had taken two falls after coming to the county jail just in the
course of daily activities.
My contact at TJP has been quickly responsive, compassionate, and
caring, and that has made all the difference!  I commend you on the
essential and effective job you are doing to make our incarceration
and justice system more humane.


Julie Guthrie

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