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Disabled veteran describes Montgomery County Jail

Jun 3rd, 2014 | By
Disabled veteran describes Montgomery County Jail

I’m James Bernard, a pastor and a disabled veteran. I was jailed on a warrant by the Judge on a probation revocation due to a failed urinalysis. Although I had provided my probation officer a letter from my doctor stating what medication I took–Phenobarbital—and that it was necessary for seizures, the officer failed to turn

The Birth of her Baby in Bexar County Jail

Jun 13th, 2012 | By
The Birth of her Baby in Bexar County Jail

I panicked one day when the police came knocking on my door. I pretended not to be home, but they knew that I was. I decided that this was it; my life was a mess and I couldn’t trust anyone. So, hoping to die, I turned on my stove, placed an unused aerosol can into the flames and waited for it to explode, thinking that I would explode along with it. It did explode, but instead of killing me, it ignited my cabinets. I ran out of the apartment unharmed, but the entire apartment burned down. I told God that I was sorry and that I would never try anything like that again. Soon the police carried me away by my arms and pushed me into an EMS vehicle. They asked me if I needed medical attention to which I shook my head, “no.” I did not trust these people and I did not want them to touch me in any way.

Saher’s Story: a Young Man’s Suffering in Bexar

Oct 24th, 2011 | By
Saher’s Story: a Young Man’s Suffering in Bexar

Former inmate Saher describes his experiences in the Bexar county jail during the year and eight months he was held there. His story highlights how inmates with mental illness are often abused or neglected, especially when they are members of a religious minority from another part of the world.  I was arrested in February 2008 when

Robert Jones Redden, never to be forgotten

Nov 14th, 2010 | By
Robert Jones Redden, never to be forgotten

Linell describes the way the Denton County infirmary treated someone with a known heart condition and someone who repeatedly asked for help. “On his fifth visit to the infirmary, he had to be taken in a wheel chair as he was dizzy, arms tingling and was very weak. Diagnosed with a panic attack and given a Benadryl, but collapsed in front of the medic on duty. Revived in the jail and taken to Denton County Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.” Nobody notified her are his parents for hours.

Miller’s Montgomery County Jail Diary

Nov 7th, 2010 | By

Despite the fact that I was non-racist, non-gang affiliated, non-violent and not suicidal, I was labeled a Medium Risk and housed with folks that were racist, gang affiliated and violent.

Speaking Out About Potter County Jail

Jul 17th, 2010 | By

Captain Haney, I was in your facility for several weeks this year – 2010, not because I have a long history of crime but because I chose to serve my time and get it behind me. I am a college educated professional myself but even though I chose to take the shortest and more uncomfortable

A Look Into the Montgomery County Jail

Jun 1st, 2010 | By

In 2006, Law and Order Magazine recognized the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as the “best dressed” sheriff’s office in the nation. As Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel says, “We utilize a number of different uniforms here for a variety of duties, so it’s important to have a uniform that is comfortable and functional” (Law and Order,

Nightmare on Baker Street—Julia’s Year in the Harris County Jail

Mar 11th, 2010 | By

Jail is not meant to be a holiday, but one might expect to at least be treated as a human being. What I witnessed, during my time in the suicide watch section and in general population, was a nightmare, not just in terms of myself, but more in how I saw others treated. My first

Tim’s Journal: Life in Dallas County Jail

Jan 4th, 2010 | By

Day 1: 11/29/09 Today I turned myself into Dallas County for probation violation. Here’s my plan: To write to this journal every day if possible. And the scary part? To be truthfully honest with myself and with the journal. Even now my mind is backtracking on the honest part; the repercussion, the feelings it will

Comal County Jail: Reckless Disregard for Human Life

Dec 2nd, 2009 | By

I was unfortunate enough to be held captive in the Comal County Jail (New Braunfels) for one year until August 2006 (Eleven months of that time served was an illegal detention). Their reckless disregard for human life and medical negligence caused the death of more than one inmate during my stay there, including a 68