Harris County Jail (Houston) Info

If you have an extreme issue or concern about an inmate in Harris County Jail that you need the Sheriff to address, call his office first, but otherwise follow the chain of command:

a. speak to the Sergeant for the floor
b. speak to Lieutenants or the Captain for the jail
c. contact the Major.

Sheriff Ron Hickman
1200 Baker St
Houston TX 77002
Secretary: Maria Cordova

Detention Bureau( 1200 Baker St JA 09)
Main line for Jail Facility at 1200 Baker St: 713-755-7955
Main line for Jail Facility at 1307 Baker St: 713-755-2400

Major Smith
Secretary: Deanna
(It’s best to contact his secretary Deanna; she is very professional, kind, caring and will ensure your concerns are addressed)
1200 Baker St
Houston, TX 77002

Captain Summerlin JA09 office 713-755-7312

Captain Hart JA09 of Classification 713-755-7360

Lt. J.D. Russell JA09 of Grievance/Disciplinary 713-755-4383

1200 Baker St: Chaplain Sean Rose 713-755-9575 or 713-755-7396
701 San Jacinto: Chaplain Vincent Buchard 713-755-8572
1307 Baker St: Chaplain Michael Ward 713-755-2410
Chaplain E. Cantu JA09 & JA07 713-755-5410
(Families can contact them for a prayer request or to check on an inmate and pray with them or to give spiritual books upon inmate’s request, etc.)

Health Services Bureau(1200 Baker St)

Medical Director- Dr. Michael Seale: Michael.Seale@sheriff.hctx.net
Medical Administrator -Bobby Davis 713-755-7223
Medical Main- 713-755-9205

Detention Bureau( 701 N San Jacinto JA07)

JA07 Main number 713-755-8400

Major Smith over JA07
1200 Baker St
Houston, TX 77002

Captain Russell is over JA07.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett
Please note: The County Judge is the overseer for Harris County Jail so use his office as a LAST contact when issues can’t be resolved through the Chain of Command with HCJ administration and personnel. Judge Emmett does not have any jurisdiction over jail policy and procedures, but will help if you have a paper work trail of going through steps of trying to resolve problems with HCJ staff members about inmates.

Judge Emmett
1001 Present Suite 911
Houston, TX 77002
713-755-4000 (office)
713-755-8379 (fax)

Asst to the County Judge, Leanna Abbott 713-755-4011
Director Criminal Justice Issues, Doug Adkinson 713-755-4016

Any further contact information for Harris County Jail visit The Official Harris County, Texas Website